velatrice smalteria ceramica applicazione velo


Vela Masterfall is the ultimate solution for applying glaze, engobe, granules, crystalline, or other products during the production of gres, single-fired and double-fired tiles.

Thanks to its patented system, the vela Masterfall can make a perfectly homogeneous and straight glaze veil, even in case of extremely viscous materials (suspended grit, water, etc.), without altering product quality.

The vela Masterfall work perfectly even with the productions of tiles which aim to put a low quantity of glaze on them. It can guarantee an high quality and reliable production, independently from technical choices.

By combining vela Masterfall with the flow monitoring device Controlflux, the glazing process becomes repeatable in every aspects and parameter, providing high-quality results and leaving the operator free to take care of other duties.


  • Straight veil without bubbles
  • lapping process easier and cheaper
  • Extremely low maintenance cost
  • Long lasting components


  • Internal coating system made of special anti-wear plastic
  • Entirely in stainless steel
  • Tempered steel rectified blades


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