controllo smalto flusso costante


Controlflux is a device which allows to control and manage the flow of the glaze in order to guarantee a stable and repeatable ceramic production. It can be attached to any tank related to the vela or bell application.

Controflux keeps the selected glaze parameters consistent during the glazing process. Furthermore, it reduces bubble formation and the pumping group’s wear and energy consumption.

Working alongside Masterfall, Controlflux allows for maximum efficiency for the production of ceramic slabs in porcelain stoneware, monocottura and bicottura.


Controlflux can additionaly upon request include a control system compatible with Industry 4.0 standards, which allows for a complete control of the work parameters from an external device (smartphone, tablet, computer)


  • In the vela application, Controlflux reaches the best operative condition regardless of the slot openness, the filter closing and the quantity of glaze inside the tank.
  • In the bell application, it keeps a constant flow, removing the complete upper part of the bell.


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