Beltkeeper 2 belts


Beltkeeper is an automatic system that cover the belts during vela/bell application. It aims to keep the belts and the bottom of the tiles clean throughout the glazing process. This way, during the fire of the tiles no glaze will settle on the kiln’s rolls, which often force the factory to stop the production to clean or substitute them.

Because of its flexibility, it is possible to install this device on every lines and under any vela or bell. The Beltkeeper system keeps the glaze quality at its best and greatly reduces the waste.


  • No production stop to remove the glaze from the kiln’s roll
  • The bottom part of the tile is clean and without glaze traces
  • Reduction of glaze waste
  • Glaze keeps its quality throughout the production cycles
  • Belt scrapers last longer and their maintenance is reduced
pulitura cinghie risparmio smalto

Beltkeeper 4 belts

cinghie risparmio smalto

Beltkeeper 6 belts


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